Moonshine Empire



The Game Designers...

Caleb is best known among his friends for his drive to create, which has been immortalized in his yearly Halloween displays. Jason on the other hand is consistently looking to find "a better option" for most of life's dilemmas while never being scared off by a daunting task. Caleb and Jason both work for automated sensing equipment manufacturers. Sharing ideas has led them to create a yard dice game, baseball card game, retro gaming cabinet, automated drink dispenser, and a paintball land mine just to name a few! One common thread is that all of these ideas have been born out of the desire for something that is not readily available.

Caleb and Jason formed their friendship through strategy based miniature games but as life went on, free time became almost nonexistent. The desire to play was still strong but the days of spending 8 hours at a game table were a thing of the past. As usual they decided to create what they were missing, a solid strategy game they could play in 1.5 hours (enough time to set up and play during an average kids nap)! This started out as something just for them but as they introduced it to family and friends they realized people really loved the theme, concept, and gameplay! And thus Moonshine Empire was born.